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17 Feb, 2015

Bernard Fanning - 14 February 2015

Bernard Fanning performed LIVE at Bird in Hand amongst 3000 die hard fans. His greatest hits resonated though the Adelaide hills while Bird in Hand wine flowed and picnic hampers were on offer.

BF Concert73
BF Concert76
BF Concert78
BF Concert81
BF Concert83
BF Concert88
BF Concert89
BF Concert90
BF Concert96
BF Concert101
BF Concert108
BF Concert114
BF Concert122
BF Concert124
BF Concert128
BF Concert132
BF Concert134
BF Concert137
BF Concert140
BF Concert142
BF Concert143
BF Concert144
BF Concert147
Bernard Fanning
BF Concert155
BF Concert159
BF Concert163
BF Concert165
BF Concert167
Grand Designs
BF Concert175
BF Concert180
BF Concert183
BF Concert187
BF Concert193
BF Concert202