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21 Jan, 2015

The Last Supper with Jimmy C

On Friday 16 January, 13 women dined together as inspiration for a new painting by artist James Cochran, aka Jimmy C.

Set to adorn the walls of our Barrell hall, the commission will be a contemporary interpretation of Da Vinci's 'Last Supper', created in celebration of women and their varied and crucial role in today's more modern world.

Thank you to all these incredible ladies for being part of Bird in Hand history #jimmycforbirdinhand

Lady's Dinner01
Lady's Dinner05
Lady's Dinner11
Lady's Dinner13
Lady's Dinner15
Lady's Dinner18
Lady's Dinner19
Lady's Dinner34
Lady's Dinner35
Lady's Dinner37
Lady's Dinner39
Lady's Dinner42
Lady's Dinner46
Lady's Dinner48
Lady's Dinner50
Lady's Dinner53
Lady's Dinner54
Lady's Dinner58
Lady's Dinner60
Lady's Dinner62
Lady's Dinner63
Lady's Dinner66
Lady's Dinner69
Lady's Dinner76
Lady's Dinner77
Lady's Dinner85
Lady's Dinner91
Lady's Dinner97
Lady's Dinner98
Lady's Dinner99 HERO
Lady's Dinner104
Lady's Dinner105
Lady's Dinner107
Lady's Dinner113
Lady's Dinner120
Lady's Dinner129
Lady's Dinner141
Lady's Dinner157
Lady's Dinner159
Lady's Dinner161
Lady's Dinner164
Lady's Dinner169
Lady's Dinner175