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The Lifeblood of Everything

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Our Wines

Tribute Series

The very pinnacle of our potential, suitable for marking milestones and special occasions. Available only to our Flight Club members, and on site at Cellar Door and The Gallery.
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Nest Egg

Only after some time do these wines develop their individual character, immediately apparent in their powerful structure, due to generous use of French oak.
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Bird in Hand

A bit more power here. These wines have the diversity of being approachable at a young age, but the maturity to hang on.
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Two In the Bush

Our daily variety is an incredible choice for simple meals and casual drinking. Surprisingly generous in its fruit-driven flavour, with just a hint of oak.
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To the rest of the world, Australia calls to mind images of an arid, treeless expanse, with the occasional bit of tumbleweed blowing by. In actuality, it’s a vast island nation with terrain of varied character. In the Southern Hemisphere, more southerly areas are cooler, and that’s certainly true of the green and fertile Adelaide Hills. People say it reminds them of the European countryside. Our Way of Winemaking

Situated in the center-bottom of the country, Bird in Hand enjoys some of the best conditions on earth for cool climate wines. The seaside influence of the Gulf of St. Vincent compliments the cloudiness of the Mount Lofty Ranges to create a special diurnal temperature shift beloved by our grapes.

While the climate and soil get much of the credit for our gorgeous grapes, it’s our job to harvest and transform them into wines that express the exceptional character of the terroir. We do that sustainably, by listening to the land, working it as we see fit, using as little chemical interventional as possible.

We use gentle methods like clone selection, which brings a certain subtlety that wasn’t present when the wine industry began in Australia. With our award-winning chardonnay, for example, we selected Burgundian plants that thrive naturally in conditions similar to those of the Adelaide Hills. The fresh fruit is apparent from the aromatics to the palate. And then there’s the texture—soft, creamy, mouthfilling—the result of wild fermentation and limited battonage.

Our careful methods continue to produce award-winning wines of several varietals and blends. Of course we make a mean shiraz, but we’re also known for our sparkling pinot noir, as well as riesling, sauvignon blanc, and Italian varietals like nero d’avola, montepulciano, and arneis, too. We believe our wines represent a rare globalist outlook while extracting consistent excellence from our native land.

Since life presents many occasions that wine can enhance, we focus our offering on four tiers, each with a distinct purpose…

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Here, wine is not a thing. It's not a mere object of desire that is bought, consumed and forgotten  Bird in Hand Coffee Table Book
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